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Quick guide to major CSI NY cast members

Gary Sinise plays Mac Taylor on CSI NY

Gary Sinise

Carmine Giovinazzo plays Danny Messer on CSI NY

Carmine Giovinazzo

Hill Harper plays Sheldon Hawkes on CSI NY

Hill Harper

Eddie Cahill plays Don Flack on CSI NY

Eddie Cahill

Anna Belknap plays Lindsay Monroe on CSI NY

Anna Belknap

Robert Joy plays Dr. Sid Hammerback on CSI NY

Robert Joy

A.J. Buckley plays Adam Ross on CSI NY

A.J. Buckley

Melina Kanakaredes plays Stella Bonasera on CSI NY

Melina Kanakaredes

Sela Ward plays Jo Danville on CSI NY

Sela Ward

Julie McKinnon plays A  on CSI NY

Julie McKinnon

Vanessa Ferlito plays Aiden Burn on CSI NY

Vanessa Ferlito

Emmanuelle Vaugier plays Detective Jessica Angell on CSI NY

Emmanuelle Vaugier

Megan Dodds plays Christine Whitney on CSI NY

Megan Dodds

Claire Forlani plays Dr. Peyton Driscoll on CSI NY

Claire Forlani

Natalie Martinez plays Detective Jamie Lovato on CSI NY

Natalie Martinez

Sonya Walger plays Jane Parsons on CSI NY

Sonya Walger

Mykelti Williamson plays Chief Brigham Sinclair on CSI NY

Mykelti Williamson

Kyle Gallner plays Reed Garrett on CSI NY

Kyle Gallner

Danielle McKee plays Lab Tech on CSI NY

Danielle McKee

Kacey Taylor plays Lab Tech on CSI NY

Kacey Taylor

CSI NY Cast: Where are they now?

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